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Welcome to Panacea Naturopathy

Here at Panacea Naturopathy we look at each person as a unique individual and we tailor treatments specific for you.

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease – Hippocrates
(The founder of medicine, 420 BC)
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A Natural Approach To Healthcare

Naturopathy can help alleviate a wide range of acute or chronic conditions and is suitable for all ages. Naturopathic treatments boost the body’s own natural healing ability, restoring balance and preventing disease.

Some of the more common conditions we treat include digestive issues, fatigue and lethargy, stress related ailments, PMT and menstrual issues, decreased immune function, allergies, weight loss and also autoimmune disorders. We use the latest up-to date scientific evidence as well as traditional evidence in our Redlands practice.

Treatment may include nutritional medicine, dietary advice, lifestyle advice, herbal medicine and Flower essence therapy.

Feel empowered to take the first step to a healthier you, naturally.

Why Choose Panacea Naturopathy?

naturopath cleveland - natural remedies

look beyond symptoms to identify and treat underlying causes of illness by considering you as a whole person

naturopath cleveland - natural remedies

Your practitioner will search for the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies to address your health concerns.

naturopath cleveland - natural remedies

Your practitioner can treat patients as young as newborns all the way through to those in aged care.

naturopath cleveland - natural remedies

Eva has not only studied the natural therapies but also the science behind it allowing her to disgnose issues with both science and a natural approach treatment plan.

naturopath cleveland - natural remedies
Latest testing technology

Panacea offers the latest in non-invasive testing to really treat the cause of your concerns and not just the symptoms. We can also test for heavy metals and minerals in the body.

naturopath cleveland - natural remedies

we treat a range of acute or chronic conditions such as stress, arthritis, liver ailments, diabetes, gout, asthma, hormones and weight.

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Our Recent Articles

These are some of our more recent and appreciated works by our clients

I just wanted to let you know how excited we are about the progress. This month, she has only had a very small amount of pain over a couple of days and some occasional pain on other days. She didn’t have any nausea and no throwing up, didn’t need any pain relief, I can’t believe the transformation. We are so used to seeing her lying on the recliner for a whole week. I think the supplements may be making a huge difference, I will need to get some more soon. We are just so grateful for your help.

Susan B
Victoria Point

We feel compelled to share with others how we again received outstanding service. We had a back-to-back, two-hour appointment – first, Eva reviewed my comprehensive blood test results, and then it was my wife’s turn.
Using our previous results as a baseline, Eva systematically covered each blood-test reading – noting the changes. We were thrilled to learn that a number of our markers showed improvement, due no doubt to Eva’s well-chosen prescriptions.
In addition to the review of our blood-test results, Eva checked our diet and lifestyle. In my own situation, underlying stress has been a habitual pattern for which Eva offered some simple strategies to overcome. I also showed Eva an angry-looking rash on both of my lower legs. She linked the rash to my inflammation markers in the blood test results and offered two approaches. – one external and one internal to combat the leg infection. For internal use, Eva masterfully created a herbal medicine consisting of golden seal, and a number of other herbs. I revel in such naturally-based remedies, which work in harmony with the body, and without nasty side effects!
Now in my early seventies, my heart’s wish is that a number of my friends and colleagues could have made contact with a naturopath of the calibre and integrity of Eva at Panacea Naturopathy. Chances are that some of them may still be alive. As pensioners, we have found her consultation fees to be exceptionally fair – and she once again generously gave us her time today.

Alex and Eva P
Thornlands, QLD