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Consultation FAQ’s

Does Panacea Naturopathy offer home consultations?

At this stage, all the appointments are carried out at our Panacea Naturopathy clinic.

Are you available after hours or on weekends?

There are always some appointments available after hours during the week and also half the day Saturday as well. If you would like to book a natural healing appointment after hours give us a call on 0421 357 801.

Will you work with my current health plan?

We work with your current care plans and also with your other health professionals such as GPs or chiropractors to get you on your journey to health.

Do you offer Skype consultations for out of area appointments?

I do offer phone consults for my existing patients, but the first consultation is always face to face at the clinic.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of naturopathic appointments largely depends on the condition, for example, people with long standing chronic conditions might require long term support, whereas acute conditions such as colds and flus might only need one or two appointments.

Do I need a referral before I book a naturopathy appointment?

You do not need a referral to book in your first consultation.

How much will my first consultation cost?

The first consultation costs $120.00 or $90.00 for pensioners and full time students.

Do you have rebates for private health cover?

Treatment FAQ’s

What can’t I do if undergoing natural treatment with you?

There are no specific things that are not allowed while undergoing natural treatment with a naturopath.

Can you give me something for my child without seeing them?

We only prescribe supplements and herbal medicine to patients once they’ve had their initial consultation, so that thorough medical history has been checked and to make sure nothing is prescribed that will have any contraindications with any existing supplements or doctor prescribed medications.

Do you treat newborns, babies and children?

We treat people from all stages of life including newborns and the elderly.

Is naturopathic medicine safe?

Herbal medicine and nutritional supplements are safe and non-toxic when prescribed by a professional.

Is a naturopath a type of doctor?

No, a naturopath is not a doctor, but we are university educated health professionals that do assist people with their health, diet and lifestyle choices to support their journey to health.

Do you help people with allergies?

We successfully treat people with various allergies to help minimize their symptoms.

Do you help people with food intolerances?

Yes, we can do in-house food intolerance testing as well as offering treatment plans to minimize the symptoms associated with food intolerances and allergies.

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