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In Greek mythology, Panacea was a goddess of Universal remedy who was said to have a poultice or potion with which she healed the sick.
It can also be described as a substance meant to cure all diseases.

Hello, my name is Eva

I grew up in a household where gathering medicinal herbs and making teas from them was part of my childhood. Dad always had just the right blend of herbs ready if we came down with the sniffles and it was made into a comforting mug of tea with a big spoonful of honey. Those flowers and herbs were gathered by the whole family the previous summer, dried on big sheets of newspaper and stored for the snowy and cold winter.

I came to Australia in my teens and when I finished high school, decided to study Science at the University of Queensland. After graduating with a double degree in Science and Arts, life got pretty busy for me. I got married, had a couple of kids and worked in several chemical and microbiology laboratories over the next 10 years, testing various foodstuffs for the presence of antibiotics and pesticides.

Although it was interesting work, I was using many toxic and potentially carcinogenic chemicals on a daily basis. I started having a few health issues which the doctors could not work out what was causing them and so I started reading anything I could get my hands on from the local library to see if I could figure it out myself. I found a wealth of information on different health conditions, herbal medicine, homeopathy,  I was intrigued.

A day didn’t go by without me burying my head in some book. However, it wasn’t until a few years after I had my third child that I decided to pursue my passion in natural medicine and started studying first part-time and then when I thought I could handle the extra hours of study with my family commitments – full time.

Although I have now graduated with my qualifications in Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy and Nutrition, I don’t think I will ever stop studying. Natural medicine is an exciting and always expanding field with new research coming in daily about new approaches to treatment, new conditions and new pieces of puzzle in the complexity of the human body.

I now work with patients from all across Brisbane in my naturopathy clinic in the bayside suburb of Cleveland where I help families naturally treat a multitude of different ailments. So, if you are suffering and can’t seem to find a resolution, please come in and see me and let’s get you back on the road to a healthier life.

“It’s fantastic to have expert natural therapies, backed by science knowledge, right here in the Redlands. Eva has given me great service, advice and treatment for my ongoing hormonal issues… Thank you!”

Michelle. K

“Can highly recommend Eva at Panacea Naturopathy. She is the consumate professional!…if you want a natural approach for your body I highly recommend the oligoscan to really get to know your body.”

Jill. D

“Eva is amazing, very knowledgable in her treatment plans and always able to answer my questions. she treated me for sleep and hormone issues and I honestly feel like a million dollars now”

Alexa. D

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