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Here at Panacea Naturopathy, we like to keep up with the latest technology in naturopathic testing


Oligoscan results can be obtained within your consultation. Once mineral imbalances are assessed then the most efficient supplementation program individualized to you can be discussed. Heavy metal toxicity will also be addressed with a specific detoxification protocol.

The procedure is painless, quick and performed in a relaxed office setting.

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Testing For Heavy Metals

Heavy metal toxicity has been implicated as a trigger for many chronic diseases in research studies. Heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium, lead and cadmium are neurotoxins. Mercury found most commonly in amalgam fillings which develop microscopic cracks in which metals vaporize and absorb into other tissues. This vapor is toxic and may lead to neurotoxicity and this could be a contributing factor to cognitive impairment. Heavy metals are so toxic that your body quickly removes heavy metals from the blood as a protective mechanism and stores them in fat and other body tissues. This is why heavy metals are not tested through blood tests as high levels will only show for a short time after exposure before they are stored away. It is important to clarify that Oligoscan test is not a measure of stored metals in the organs, fat, or brain.

Testing For Minerals

Minerals are essential for our health. We need iron for blood, calcium for bones and teeth and zinc for immunity. But in excess, minerals can be toxic to our bodies. The body contains around 20 essential minerals which must be at the right levels to maintain health. Our daily food should be the source of all essential minerals, but due to mineral depleted soils many of us are very deficient in these essential nutrients. For example, many Australians are lacking in zinc, magnesium and iodine. Also, many people are not absorbing these nutrients due to digestion issues.
The first step in correcting mineral deficiencies and excesses is identifying which minerals are out of range. The interpretation of the mineral analysis is the role of the practitioner.

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