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Autoimmune disease is caused by the immune system losing the ability to differentiate proteins belonging to your own body with proteins belonging to a foreign invader (like a bacteria, virus or parasite) so in simple terms your body starts attacking its own tissue.

Some examples of autoimmune diseases are Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Crohn’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, Diabetes, Celiac disease, Rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. Genetic predisposition makes up about one third of your risk of developing an autoimmune disease. The other two thirds of your risk come from environmental factors, which include: diet, lifestyle, infections, mineral deficiencies, exposure to toxins – such as heavy metals mercury or cadmium, hormones, weight and others. Statistically, nearly 1 in 5 people now have an autoimmune disorder, and having a first-degree relative with an auto immune disease will dramatically increase your risk of developing some form of autoimmunity.

In order to allow your body to heal from autoimmune condition, it is important that you:

  • [list_item icon=”fa-angle-right”]remove the foods that contribute to a leaky gut[/list_item]
    [list_item icon=”fa-angle-right”]address gut dysbiosis[/list_item]
    [list_item icon=”fa-angle-right”]address hormone imbalance[/list_item]
    [list_item icon=”fa-angle-right”]remove toxins[/list_item]
    [list_item icon=”fa-angle-right”]reduce inflammation[/list_item]
  • By addressing important lifestyle factors and changing your focus to eating nutrient-dense foods that support optimal gut health (and optimal health of your gut microorganisms), restore levels of important nutrients, resolve inflammation and support organ function, then you create an environment in your body conducive to healing.

    If you think you are suffering with an auto-immune disease come in and see us at the Cleveland naturopathy clinic for a consultation and let us get you back on the road to a healthier you.


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